3 Meteorological Impacts of Climate Change

Every other day we hear about global warming and its effects on the climate. There are many changes, which are quite common in the life of modern individuals thanks to the power of information technology. Weather, which is the state of the atmosphere is different from the climate. Climate change can affect our lives in many ways. There is a need to understand the impact of such changes in our life so that we can live our lives in a manner that we can at least control some of the changes. It is important to keep in mind that we are living in a world where a person residing in one specific corner can communicate and coordinate with another person residing in some other corner of the world, which is why studying the climate change is important to understand what is going on in the world. 

Crops Growth Around the World 

With a change in climate, there is likely to be a change in the growth of the crops. When the temperature is high there are better chances for the growth of crops like rice and wheat. But, on the other hand, there are some crops, which require and prefer climatic conditions, which are quite cooler such as maize. Similarly, growth of the sugarcane also requires cool climatic conditions. There is an impact on the growth because of the rainfall conditions as well. There are different parts in countries like Africa where people are affected by hunger since the crops are not grown that frequently. It means that to have a good growth of the crops, it is important for the climatic conditions to be favorable. However, this is something, which is seen on a broader level and might sometimes be difficult for an individual to have a control over it but together we can much so much difference in the society and community that we belong. 

Animals Around the World 

With the change in the climatic conditions, there would be an impact on the animals as well especially those which live in the jungle. Let’s just assume that the effect of global warming is such that the ice in the Arctic starts to melt. It means that all the animals surviving there would need to move to a new place. It is important to keep in mind that animals and plants are equally important for us as these maintain a balance in nature. 

Human-Induced Changes 

Although human beings are trying to make this world a better place there are some steps taken by humans, which have affected the climate of our beautiful planet Earth. For example, they cut down the trees to get furniture, wood, and paper. In turn, there is an effect on the climate. 

Introduction of plastic to the world is another such change which is affecting the lives of animals in the sea as the plastic is not suitable for their health. 

Human beings are making factories, which produce toxic waste and add toxic material to the environment to which we all belong. 

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